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    Don Vito of Jackass/Viva La Bam fame arrested for being a Pamper-peeling chester


    LAKEWOOD - An MTV reality star was arrested at a local skate park Friday after accusations of sexual assault were reported.

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    MTV reality star Don Vito (Vincent Margera) was arrested on two accusations of sexually assaulting a child. 9NEWS 5 p.m. August 19, 2006.

    Reality TV star 'Don Vito' or Vincent Margera, 50, was arrested Friday evening shortly after 8 p.m. outside the Denver Woodward Skatepark at the Colorado Mills Mall, according to Lakewood police.

    Police said Margera is accused of touching two 12-year-old girls inappropriately after an autograph session at the skate park.

    The skate park was holding a meet and greet event featuring 'Don Vito' and 'Glomb' from MTV's Viva La Bam reality TV show. Roughly 60 people came to the event.

    A friend of one of the victims told 9NEWS that she talked with one of the 12-year-olds and she sounded scared while talking to mall security.

    Jim Shires of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department said Margera is being charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child. Shires also told 9NEWS he will be held on zero bond until he appears in court. He is currently at the Jefferson County Jail.

    Bam Margera, Vincent Margera's nephew, made him famous on his show Viva La Bam. The MTV reality show followed the life and practical jokes of Bam and his friends and family.

    Vincent Margera has also appeared on MTV's Jackass and various movies and commercials.

    Margera will be advised of his charges in court Monday at 10 a.m.
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    HAhahahahahahahahaha fucking don vito..i totally believe it

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