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    Exclamation 12 Arrested After Dutch F-16s Escort Passenger Jet

    Suspicious Activity Reported

    POSTED: 7:27 am CDT August 23, 2006
    UPDATED: 11:57 am CDT August 23, 2006

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    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Dutch television reports that police have arrested 12 passengers from the Northwest Airlines flight that returned to Amsterdam's airport.

    Northwest Airlines earlier said several passengers are being questioned after their flight to India was turned around.

    Authorities said the flight got an F-16 fighter jet escort back to the Netherlands -- at the pilot's request -- after the crew reported suspicious behavior on the part of some of the 149 passengers.

    An airport spokeswoman saidthe pilot radioed for permission to return to Amsterdam as the plane was flying over Germany.

    An airport spokeswoman said several passengers were taken off the plane for questioning, and others were questioned at the gate.

    Airline and airport officials said routine security measures were taken, but they don't say whether the concerns seemed justified.

    A U.S. passenger named Alpa, who did not wish to use her last name, told AP television reporters she had seen police handcuff and remove around 11 men of south Asian appearance from the plane before other passengers. She said she didn't see what happened but heard from other passengers the men had aroused suspicion by getting out their mobile phones.

    Northwest said the flight is canceled until Thursday, and passengers have been put up in hotels.

    The plane was carrying 149 passengers, when it turned around after crossing the German border. A Northwest DC 10 has a normal seating capacity of 273.

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    no more playing snake on your cell phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by BEK320
    no more playing snake on your cell phone

    And no more snakes...on planes.

    I'm sorry I had to say it.



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