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    Boy sues teacher cuz he fell asleep in class...

    A primary school student in Shandong Province has recently filed a lawsuit against one of his teachers after the teacher blamed him for sleeping in class and drove him out of the classroom.

    About four months ago, Xiaodong fell asleep during class and was awakened by the teacher, Wang. Several minutes later, however, the pupil went to sleep again. Wang was enraged, and demanded he stand in a corner of the classroom for punishment. Xiaodong refused to follow Wang's demand and went home directly.

    He has since been forbidden to take any classes given by Wang.

    At the court, Xiaodong asked for Wang's public apology in front of his schoolmates as well as over 1,500 yuan (US$185) in compensation for mental damages he has suffered.
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    Damn, I would be a millionaire if I had thought of that in high school.

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    What mental damages? Is there more to this story than what the media said? And good grief, I slept in almost all of my classes but never got to stand in the corner. Maybe I should have sued all those teachers for letting me sleep?



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