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    "Thee" penis pump news article (bar none)

    Penis pump row man jailed for three years

    A drug user who broke his girlfriend's leg after she failed to buy him a penis pump on the internet was jailed for more than three years today.

    Darren Colliver flew into a violent rage when his girlfriend's transaction for the sex aid was rejected.

    The following day the furious 30-year-old smashed both of Louise Franklin's legs with a drawer, poured shampoo into her eyes and mouth and then hurled to the floor, breaking her leg.

    While recovering in hospital, Colliver, a 30 year old plumber, also jerked the controls to Ms Franklin's bed to cause her even more pain.

    Describing the attack Simon Hodgett, prosecuting, told Inner London Crown Court, said: "Colliver slapped her in the face, dragged her onto the bed picked up a table drawer and smashed it down her legs and feet four times.

    "Colliver stood on top of her and poured shampoo into her eyes and mouth. He then picked her up before dropping her to the floor while she was still upside down and that was when her right leg was broken.

    "During his three year campaign of terror Colliver repeatedly beat up his girlfriend and then cut up her clothes."

    In mitigation his barrister Polly Darling said Colliver was "horrified by his behaviour", blaming his problems on severe depression and a history of self-harming.

    Miss Darling added: "He has mental health issues but it is indeed insight that he self-referred himself to hospital twice, seeking help, knowing he was suffering from depression and the consequences of smoking drugs."

    Judge Nicholas Philpot sentenced him to three years and four months in prison.

    Addressing Colliver, Judge Philpot said: "The victim impact statement begins with a reference to regular abuse of the physical and mental kind during your victim's relationship with you.

    "As a result she was in hospital for two weeks. She couldn't put any weight on her legs for 12 weeks, its still on crutches and will need physiotherapy for the next year. Looking ahead, she will be completely on the mend in about 18 months.

    "She has a limp and scarring on her legs, but otherwise she speaks of her life being uprooted, she has lost her job and her work has been turned upside down."

    He added: "I can see very little mitigation for what you did. You've expressed remorse but often repeat your offences. your pattern seems to be violence, remorse, violence, remorse. So this does not seem to be heartfelt.

    "There is clearly a significant risk of harm to the public from further such offences committed by you, either to or against the victim or to other women placed in the same situation. You clearly have an entrenched pattern of criminality."

    A ten-year restraining order was also imposed, prohibiting Colliver from contacting Ms Franklin and or parents, Rose and Stanley. he is also barred from going within 500m of anywhere he knows his ex-girlfriend is living or working.

    Colliver, of Livesey Place, Peckham Park Road, South London, pleaded guilty to one count of grievous bodily harm, three counts of actual bodily harm, one count of harrasment, two of damage to property and one of common assault between January 2003 and March 2006.

    He received three years and four months for GBH. The other charges, three of ABH for which he received twelve months each, six months each for harrasment and common assault, and then two months each for criminal damage, will run concurrently alongside the GBH term.

    He will be on licence for 20 months following the completion of his sentence.

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    "What's in your wallet!?"

    Hey, folks, you can't make better stuff up than this!
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    Damn, I was hoping he'd get consecutive instead of concurrent.
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    LADYS, watch out for this NUT! anyone who would beat on a lady should get a hard sentance.



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