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    Titans’ Pacman Jones Arrested Again

    Titans’ Pacman Jones Arrested Again
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    Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested outside a Murfreesboro bar just after 1:30 Friday morning and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

    According to a police report, officers arrived at Club Sweetwater just outside downtown Murfreesboro and saw Jones arguing with a woman. Police later found out that the woman was there with Jones to watch a rap concert. Police said Jones was upset because the woman’s purse was missing and his wallet was inside that purse.

    Officers said Jones appeared to be drunk when they got to the bar, so they asked him to leave. They said that’s when Jones began yelling profanities and causing a disturbance.

    Police said Jones tried to leave the scene in his car. Jones was not driving the vehicle at the time, but police officers said he was leaning out the passenger’s window screaming at security officers, and that’s when police stopped the car and arrested the Titans star.

    “The first time the officers encountered him, they didn’t know who he was, they just saw two people arguing outside the Sweetwater Saloon and, upon investigation, found out who he was. There was a report taken as to a purse that was supposedly stolen. Mr. Jones was given an opportunity to file a report as far as his stolen wallet but he refused to do so,” said Lt. Alvin Baird of the Murfreesboro Police Department.

    Jones, 22, was released from jail after posting bond. This latest brush with the law is hardly a first for Jones, and it marks the fourth time a Titans player has been arrested since May of this year. All of this despite head coach Jeff Fisher’s stern warning following last season about what kind of behavior would be acceptable.

    “No tolerance for any off the field legal issues. That relates to the entire team. There’s a no tolerance policy as far as we’re concerned. I will not tolerate any off the field issued. There will be definite disciplinary action taken by the organization,” Fisher said on January 2, 2006. The Tennessee Titans just wrapped up training camp on Thursday and will play their third preseason game Saturday night against the Falcons in Jones’ hometown of Atlanta.
    This was in the town where I live, and that club has been named a bit of everything and it is still trashy. Always fights and other BS there, they tried to close it down for a while, but since it is a college town we cant do that. Nowhere for the college kids to go get drunk! lol
    It is better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6.
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    “We'll arrest anybody, any color if they're down here drunk acting a fool,” Lieutenant Alvin Baird of the Murfeesboro Police Department said.

    I love this line! It was in response to people saying he was only arrested b/c he is black.

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    I would cut off that puke's dread-ful-locks and wipe my ass with them!



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