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    Man Killed After Asking Day Laborer To Pose Nude


    POSTED: 8:53 am CDT August 25, 2006
    UPDATED: 1:27 pm CDT August 25, 2006

    FRISCO, Texas -- A Frisco day laborer is behind bars, charged in the murder of a man who wanted to paint him nude.

    Police said the victim, Enrique Rodriguez, 62, solicited the suspect, Mario Alegria, 17, to pose nude for him while he painted or sketched the worker at his far North Dallas apartment.

    Homicide detectives said Rodriguez's body was found naked and stuffed in a bedroom closet at his North Dallas apartment, where they said he would pay young males to model nude.


    Investigators said Alegria is in the Collin County jail charged with capital murder.

    "You ain't going to be no Calvin Klein model around here, especially no young guys like us out here are going to be models you got to ... think something's not going on right there," day laborer Enrique Lopez said.

    Investigators said Rodriguez picked up the Alegria at a day-labor camp on Main Street in Frisco.

    "We found out that he had a history of going to the day labor camps and picking up different young Hispanic males and bringing them in as models," Dallas police Lt. Mike Scoggins said. "Apparently something went awry, and so when this happened there became a short struggle, and our suspect strangled our complainant."

    Residents at the Idlewyld Village apartment complex contacted police when they hadn't seen Rodriguez for a few days.

    "The little old man at the pool with the Speedos on -- that's how we knew him but he was just quiet," neighbor Ben Huerta said.Police said the alleged victim viewed himself as an artist.

    "There was some indication with some of the artwork and other calendars that he had there that the type of artwork he was doing was in reference to nude men," Scoggins said.

    Police said the suspect also stole the alleged victim's new car and was pulled over by Plano police.

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