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    Unhappy Long-awaited FEMA trailer explodes

    So sad...


    Long-awaited FEMA trailer explodes

    12:52 PM CDT on Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Associated Press

    NEW ORLEANSAfter waiting for a year to have their FEMA trailer delivered, a couple was in it only minutes when exploded, its doors blown open by a ball of fire.

    Neighbors said a man stumbled down the steps of the trailer. The flesh on his arms had been seared to the bone, one neighbor said, and he seemed disoriented as he screamed for help.
    Fire officials said the victims, identified only as a man, 54, and a woman, 49, had been in the trailer only a matter of minutes when flammable vapors somehow ignited, causing an explosion and a rolling wave of fire throughout the trailer.

    Fire officials described the explosion as a "flashover" fire, a quickly igniting, self-extinguishing blast that occurs when combustible vapors accumulate and are sparked by a heat source.

    Michael Williams, a spokesman for the New Orleans Fire Department, said the fire is still under investigation.

    The man's injuries were more severe than the woman's, Williams said, because he was closer to where investigators think the fire started.

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    NEW ORLEANS A New Orleans couple waited nearly a year for a FEMA trailer, only to have it explode minutes after they got inside.

    A neighbor says the man appeared to have been burned to the bone on his arms.

    Fire officials say flammable vapors somehow ignited, causing an explosion and a rolling wave of fire throughout the trailer. The cause is under investigation.
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    A flash fire can burn you to the bone? What the heck? That sucks!

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    yes, that heat can burn skin right off of you! the poor guy.. thoughts are with him!



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