The full story of why "Benny the Bull" allegedly aimed a red fur hoof at an off-duty police officer during the Taste of Chicago may never be known.

The case ended abruptly last week when prosecutors dropped charges against Barry Anderson. The Chicago Bulls mascot paid the officer $200 to repair a pair of eyeglasses damaged during the attack, said Marcy Jensen, a spokeswoman for the Cook County state's attorney's office.

"He just wanted his glasses repaired," Jensen said of the officer.

Anderson was arrested July 2 in costume after he took a swing at the Cook County police officer, who was trying to get Anderson to stop riding around on a mini-motorcycle at the Taste of Chicago. At the time, police said neither the Chicago Park District nor Taste organizers had given Anderson permission to be there.

'Da Bull' booked in '04

Anderson has been Benny the Bull for two years, and it doesn't appear the incident will negatively impact his career.

"It was definitely just a misunderstanding, and the charges were dropped," said Sebrina Brewster, a Chicago Bulls spokeswoman. Anderson "is happy about that."

In 2004, another Bulls mascot was in trouble with police. The man who portrays "Da Bull" -- Benny's acrobatic cohort -- was arrested for allegedly peddling marijuana at Cabrini-Green.