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    Flower Mound Marcus HS teens arrested for golf course vandalism

    More little over-privledged snot-nosed delinquents arrested here...
    Give 'em something free and they abuse it.


    By Stefanie Ackerman, Staff Writer
    (Created: Friday, September 8, 2006 5:55 PM CDT)

    Seven Marcus High School students have been charged with causing damage to the Bridlewood Golf Club in Flower Mound June 9 through Aug. 20. Six of the seven male teen-agers are charged with felony criminal mischief and all are charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief. Two of the boys received two counts of felony criminal mischief charges and four were each charged with one count of felony criminal mischief and a misdemeanor criminal mischief. The group are suspected of causing $9,800 worth of damage to the golf course.

    Two of the boys are Marcus High School golf team members, who according to Pam Marshall, General Manager of Bridlewood Golf Club, practice at the course for free. Another offender is a member of the Marcus hockey team. Three of the suspects lived in the Bridlewood subdivision.

    “Hopefully this sends a message to other kids who contemplate this in the future that they’re going to get caught at some point,” Marshall said.

    Starting June 9, according to Flower Mound police spokesperson Lt. Wendell Mitchell, the group of boys damaged the men’s bathroom, water cooler and the golf greens, causing $1,900 worth of damage. The boys stole the partitions out of the restroom and damaged the lights.
    The damages on Aug. 9, Aug. 19 and Aug. 20 were of the same nature and always in the middle of the night. Bunker rakes were stolen and the number five hole was torn up by the suspects allegedly digging it up and sticking a water cooler in the hole. They also damaged the tent at the number nine hole.

    The group tried to pull the sink loose from the restroom walls as well, according to police.

    Not all the boys were present at each offense, said Mitchell, who said it was kind of a ring, similar to, but not related to the group of young men who recently vandalized property in Flower Mound.

    Marshall and the staff of the golf club were fed up by the last incident of vandalism and created a flyer with a $500 reward for information related to the crimes.

    The flyer was sent to about 500 homes in Bridlewood and by Aug. 23 an anonymous tipster came forward with information.

    “Once I got the word out and covered the territory quite well, it all came out,” Marshall said.

    The community rallied around this cause, she said. Nobody wanted the damages to reoccur. After the tip, Marshall and Mike McCabe, the director of golf at the club, took the information to the FMPD and let the criminal investigations follow up the information.

    “They [community and staff] can not believe athletes would be involved, given that athletes typically have more to lose if they are caught breaking the law,” Marshall said. What's so surprising about THAT???

    A “very irate” parent approached Marshall because he wanted the charges against his son dropped. She told that parent and the parent’s lawyer, to put themselves in her position n how would they feel if someone came and trashed their own property on four separate occasions? She questioned them stating she felt they would want to see full restitution against the suspects.

    “Not just let kids get off without paying the price for what they did themselves based on the severity of the damage,” Marshall said.

    One of the parents, after turning his son into the authorities, let their son stay in Denton County jail overnight to poignantly prove the point that what he did was wrong, said Mitchell.

    Marshall said that everyone at the golf club was relieved those involved were making restitution.

    Five boys, from Highland Village were reprimanded Sept. 2 because they were caught trying to cause more damage to the greens. Marshall said a co-worker saw the boys on the greens at about midnight when he was leaving an event. He called the police and the boys were found in the woods on their bellies trying to hide from the authorities.

    “The things that can help avoid this, as a parent -- be nosey about your child’s life. Get names, phone numbers. As a parent you have the right to do that. If you have concerns look into it,” said Mitchell.
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