It's really sad how many church shootings the Dallas/Fort Worth area has seen over the years, including one mass murder at the Wedgewood Baptist Church a few years ago (click for that article)... In one of my friend's church east of here, the deacons are now all armed because of this kind of crap - And McKinney has seen two murders at their hospital, including a sniper incident. Really sad.

Woman Shot And Killed At Church
Police Search For Her Husband

POSTED: 9:34 am CDT September 10, 2006
UPDATED: 6:10 pm CDT September 10, 2006

DALLAS -- A woman was gunned down by her estranged husband at a Richardson church Sunday morning, police said.

It happened at about 8 a.m. in the parking lot of the Church of Christ at 1013 South Greenville.

Police said Alveda Edwards was shot several times by Tommy Edwards Jr. The two were arguing over divorce proceedings.

Police are now looking for Tommy Edwards Jr. Investigators said he is armed and fear he could be anywhere.

The woman was rushed to Parkland Hospital in Dallas where she died.