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    Angry Dallas Police: Tape Shows Confusion Surrounding New Chase Policy


    Officers: Supervisors Would Call Off Chase Involving Violent Felon

    POSTED: 9:22 am CDT September 18, 2006
    UPDATED: 9:58 am CDT September 18, 2006

    DALLAS -- Dallas police are taking aim at the department's new chase policy, upset that a chase in July was called off even after the suspect rammed a patrol car, injuring the officers inside.

    Many officers said that under the new chase policy, supervisors would rather call off a chase than make the possible mistake of letting one continue -- even if they are chasing a violent felon.

    Video on web site

    Tape of the July chase shows the suspect took off with backup officers not far behind, but a call came in for officers to back off when police helicopter Air One arrived.

    Patrol officers said the tape of the chase is proof of the department’s wide confusion surrounding the new chase policy.

    “(The suspect in the chase has) already rammed a police car. He’s already committed a felony,” Dallas Police Association spokesman Glenn White said.

    He had also already injured two officers. But under the new chase policy, patrol cars can[not? ] chase a suspected felon even with Air One above.

    “Unfortunately, Air One can’t just can’t stop and land on that car, pick it up with a magnat and drive it away,” White said.

    Still, top brass said they believe the sergeant made the right decision.

    “We just do not want to get innocent citizens or our officers killed,” Dallas police Lt. Rick Watson said.

    Plus, officers ultimately captured the suspect, but only after being rammed again.

    If there is any confusion, top brass at the Dallas Police Department said it is simple: Dallas police can only chase someone known to have committed a felony or is about to.
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