BOULDER - The man behind the city's anti-hate hotline has gotten into trouble for some reckless speech of his own.
Rob Smoke, a member of Boulder's Human Relations Commission posted this on his profile page: "I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm horny, I'm stoned . . . and I'm a city official."

That raised eyebrows among City Council members, including Deputy Mayor Suzy Ageton, who said Smoke seemed to be using the power of his office to solicit relationships on

"Everybody on MySpace is soliciting relationships," Smoke said last week. "But she seems to be implying something else."

On his page on MySpace, he wrote: "If the word 'solicit' is meant to indicate the act of sending an invite to others to be a friend, yes, I've done that. If it means an allegation that I have sought sexual liaisons, I have not done that."

The City Council will consider the issue at Tuesday evening's meeting.

This spring, Smoke was a key advocate of having Boulder become the first city in the nation to use public money to establish an anti-hate hotline. While some denigrated it as an assault on free speech, Smoke defended the idea, saying it gives a voice to people who've been victims of subtle or not-so-subtle discrimination.

Regarding his right to free speech on MySpace, Smoke said:

"There's a lot to be said for people being allowed to be who they are. I want to live in an inclusive community, the kind that gives voice to minorities and immigrants, but also doesn't punish people for what they say in cyberspace."

Smoke says he's being hounded because he has embarrassed the city a couple of times with his activism. He opposed the actions of University of Colorado officials when they took photos of students gathered at a pro-marijuana rally in April and posted them on a widely read Web site.

He said he also upset some council members when he insisted on resurrecting the idea of the anti-hate hotline after the council had let it sit idle for several months.

Smoke said his controversial posting on MySpace is a paraphrasing of a lyric from The Doors' song, I'm Horny, I'm Stoned.

"Well I'm tired, I'm nervous, I'm bored, I'm stoned

Don't you know life ain't so easy when you're on your own