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    City's Top Cop Helps Save Motorcyclist's Life

    Earlier In Day, Cline Had Saluted Chicago's Hero Cops

    Mike Parker Reporting

    (CBS) CHICAGO Chicago Police Supt. Philip Cline used a car to shield oncoming traffic from a motorcyclist lying on the ground following a collision with a city vehicle Wednesday night.

    The motorcyclist collided with a Streets and Sanitation truck at 2451 S. Ashland Ave. around 8 p.m., according to police News Affairs Officer JoAnn Taylor.

    The motorcyclist was lying injured on the street when Cline, who was driving in the area, saw the motorcyclist and pulled his car into position to block incoming traffic from striking the motorcyclist.

    “He probably saved his life,” Taylor said. “He was driving in the vicinity [of the accident] and heard a crash.”

    Taylor did not know what type of city vehicle collided with the motorcyclist or the type of car Cline used to help the motorcyclist. She did not know if the superintendent was driving with anyone else.

    The motorcyclist, who was wearing a helmet, was not seriously injured. He was taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County.

    Earlier in the day, at a ceremony honoring heroic cops, Cline talked about the officers’ duties.

    “A lot of cops don’t talk about what they do when they get home, so it’s good for the family to see that these officers are out there making a difference [and] making this a better city,” Cline said.

    This was not the first time the superintendent has reverted back to his street cop days after taking the city's top job. On New Year’s Eve 2004, Cline and another officer kicked down a door on the West Side and arrested a man firing a 9mm pistol in the air.

    Cline and the other officer disarmed the man and arrested him.

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    Sounds like Chicago has a real 'working' chief. Sometimes administrators lose touch and sometimes they don't.
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