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    I want to go to this jail..


    CAMDEN COUNTY, GA -- State officials are investigating a jet ski crash that witnesses say involved two jail inmates.

    Members of a family who live on the Crooked River say both inmates were riding Camden County Sheriff's Office jet skis Saturday night.

    One of the inmates then crashed into the end of their private dock and appeared to be hurt.

    Lt. William Terrell would not say how the inmates got a hold of the jet skis, or what the two were doing out of jail.

    "It has been a long standing policy, I know people are getting frustrated about this, but it's been a long standing policy of the Sheriff's Department, if another agency is investigating, we won't comment until they're done. Otherwise it would be speculation," said Terrell.

    Terrell did confirm the two inmates were part of an inmate work program.

    One of the dock owners, Joann Flanagan, is asking who will pay to repair the damage.

    "Hopefully the county will fix it since the county jet ski was obviously responsible for it."

    The Camden County Sheriff's Office says their inmate work program is now under review.

    Just last week another inmate in the program walked away from a work detail and was on the run for 12 hours.

    The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is handling the investigation into the accident, but isn't releasing any details.

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    Im sure the inmate have plasma tv in their cell/rooms as well. ...And a hot tub for their aching muscles after a hard day at sea..

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    Our inmates get the basics, along with cable, (state law), shorts, iced tea, ice water, coffee, play time etc.....

    I should just commmit some crime and then go to jail. I'd live better on the inside.

    Hmmm, how bad is poligamy anyways?
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