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    Smile Missing 2-Year-Old Texas Boy Found Alive by Police Helicopter


    Missing boy found alive

    By Dan X. McGraw
    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    ALVARADO, TX -- Two-year-old Kevin Brown, who had been missing since Thursday evening, was found about a mile from his home in south Alvarado on Sunday with a few "chigger bites, fire ant bites and scratches," but he is alive, Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford said. "There is no way he should have been alive," he said.

    Kevin's parents, Karla and Almond Brown were excited and relieved to have their son back.

    "This is happiest day of my life," Karla Brown said as she peered at her sleeping son. "Our life has new meaning now."

    Her husband, Almond, added that the couple had begun to lose hope "because it was taking so long," but they said they now know how fast a child can disappear.

    "It can happen in a minute," he said.

    Kevin, described as a smiling, happy-go-lucky child, disappeared Thursday evening after playing with his 4-year-old brother Anthony outside their parents' rural mobile home between Alvarado and Cleburne.

    Johnson County Sheriff investigators were beginning to suspect the boy had been abducted after officers and volunteers were unable to locate him after an extensive search of the area.

    But during a search by air Sunday, officers in a Department of Public Safety helicopter spotted Kevin shortly after 5 p.m. as they made a final pass over the area, about a mile from the boy's home.

    When they first saw the boy, he was face down near the stock pond. But as the two-man crew searched for a landing area, they saw the Kevin move his head.

    "That was a good sign when we saw that," said Clay Lacey, a Garland police officer who spotted the boy. "Itís a good ending to this story."

    Lt. John Brannon, the DPS pilot who spent his day off helping with the search, had decided to make one more pass over the area.

    "This is just the way its all suppose to work," he said. "I asked the good Lord to help me find this boy and he did."

    When asked why Brannon choose to make a final pass over the area, he said, "They say I'm stubborn, so I suppose thatís why."
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