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    Good idea: Don't flag down a cop for a ride when you've got marijuana in your pocket

    ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A man who flagged down a police cruiser for a ride to "a house on the hill" was charged with possession of marijuana. Daniel Paul Steinbach, 19, was standing in the middle of the road waving his arms at a police car Saturday night.
    When officer Chad Christian stopped, Steinbach appeared unsteady on his feet and asked for a ride "to a house on the hill."

    "I asked him what house, and he just replied 'A house on the hill,'" Christian said in his report.

    Christian asked Steinbach if he was taking any medication, and, according to the report, the young man said he had been smoking marijuana.

    The officer searched Steinbach's pockets and found about an ounce of marijuana and $75, the report states.

    Steinbach was charged with public intoxication and possession of marijuana for resale, a felony punishable by one to two years in prison.

    He was released Sunday from the Hawkins County Jail after posting bail and is scheduled for arraignment in general sessions court Oct. 4.

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    I've had this happen before brad! Ofcourse it wasnt that much dope but it was a nickle bag.
    I'm ready for spring!

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    Of course if it wasn't for stupid people there would be no need for LEO's.
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    Almost like the time I pinched a guy for DUI. 1st offense told him i would release him to a friend. His buddy showed up DRUNK and I arrested him for DUI to!



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