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    Talking Dallas: Police Bait Car Stolen, Goes Missing


    Department Loses Car After GPS System Fails

    POSTED: 8:16 am CDT September 27, 2006
    UPDATED: 8:31 am CDT September 27, 2006

    DALLAS -- Dallas police say a car intended to bait thieves into stealing it worked, but then experienced a critical failure.

    The bait cars use a global positioning satellite to notify the police department of its location after it is stolen. But a bait car stolen last Friday night suffered a computer glitch that has taken the cars' GPS system offline, and allowed the car thief to vanish without a trace.


    When they work correctly, a thief steals the bait car and the GPS system allows authorities to track the car until responding officers can make an arrest.

    "The GPS system tells us where they are at and how fast they are going," said Lt. Rick Watson of the Dallas Police Department. "We want the car stolen. Yes, we do. But, then we want it recovered with the individual that stole it."

    After five days of seaching, Dallas police still want the thief but they also want their car back.

    Watson said officials didn't want to reveal the car's make or model or disclose where it was stolen for fear that the thief might destroy the car.

    "Really what we are hoping for right now is the individual that took it -- doesn't realize what he has," said Watson.

    This is only the second time a stolen Dallas police bait car has gone missing. With the last incident, officials found the car intact inside a chop shop in Lancaster.

    Officers made four arrests after that car was found and are hoping for a similar outcome this time around.
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    Not to worry, before long they will have cars that turn into canolis (sp) when they crash and there will be MDK sensors all over the cities!!
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