By MARSHA KRANES, Wire Services

October 6, 2006 -- Lawrence Roach of Seminole, Fla., doesn't think he should have to pay his ex-wife alimony - because she underwent sex-change surgery and is now living as a man.
"It's humiliating to me," says Roach. "I'm a man, and I don't want to be paying alimony to a man.
"If you can't be married to a man legally, how can you legally pay alimony to a man?"


When a 7-year-old stomped on the foot of a boy in his Rock Hill, S.C., class, the teacher let other students vote on the punishment.

They decided to give the troublemaker a taste of his own medicine - and lined up to stomp on his toes, one by one.
When the boy's mother complained, school officials pointed out that foot stomping is not considered corporal punishment. But they conceded such "lessons" would now be discouraged.


A German newspaper published a unique wanted poster of a woman who cheated a plastic surgeon out of his fee - it shows her naked breasts.

The woman was one of several patients who underwent breast-enlargement surgery - using fake names - and then fled without paying the Cologne MD his $10,000.
The doctor gave cops "before" and "after" photos of his deadbeat patients' boobs to help track them down. The newspaper, of course, opted to run an "after" shot.


Some guys in Buholovo, Russia, thought they were borderline geniuses, but their scheme wasn't quite 100 percent foolproof.

They were pumping homemade vodka across the border into Latvia through a mile-long pipeline that stretched along a river bottom.
But their vodka ended up on the rocks when some workers started digging holes to plant trees in the area - and struck their liquid gold.


Australian cops are beating the bushes in search of a snake thief.
The bandit approached the home of a breeder, held her and two kids at gunpoint and stole a dozen slithering green tree snakes worth nearly $75,000.