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    Angry Columbia University Riot Against Minuteman Project

    Interesting video near bottom of page



    Students Strategize In Wake of Brawl
    Administration Meets With Involved Parties

    By Laura Brunts

    Issue date: 10/6/06 Section: News

    In the immediate aftermath of Wednesday night's protest against Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, the University and student groups moved quickly to coordinate their responses to the incident, reconcile differing opinions, and plan their next moves.

    Gilchrist spoke in Roone Arledge Auditorium on Wednesday night at the invitation of the Columbia University College Republicans. Audience dissent grew throughout the presentation of the introductory speaker, culminating when several protesters stormed the stage. Gilchrist supporters followed, leading to a chaotic brawl and bringing an abrupt end to the event.

    In an interview on Thursday night, a Student Affairs dean said that officials from Student Affairs and the Office of Multicultural Affairs met with a number of students who had been present at the protest to offer support. The dean would not say whether officials met with specific student groups.

    Adhemir Romero, CC '07 and president of the Chicano Caucus, issued a statement on behalf of the executive board Wednesday night expressing regret that the protesters had silenced Gilchrist. But Karina Garcia, CC '07 and the group's political chair, was seen on the stage and quoted in a statement by the ANSWER Coalition, an anti-war group that supports immigrant rights.

    "Let tonight be a model for others around the country. And let it be a lesson to the Minutemen: wherever they go, they will be confronted," Garcia told ANSWER. "We have an obligation to the millions of immigrants in this country who are being demonized and targeted by the Minutemen, KKK, and other racists." [WTF is he talking about??? Minutemen = KKK???]

    The Chicano Caucus discussed the matter until late Thursday night, but it did not issue an immediate comment.

    Administrators still would not say what disciplinary action, if any, will be taken against individuals or groups involved in Wednesday evening's scuffle.

    "Our regulations are intended to help event organizers, participants, and protesters maintain a safe environment for members of the University community and their guests to engage in meaningful and sometimes contentious debate across the spectrum of academic and political issues," University spokesman Robert Hornsby said in a statement released Thursday.

    Chris Kulawik, CC '08, president of the College Republicans, and Spectator columnist, also said that no University official met with his organization. He said he had not yet heard of any disciplinary action for students involved in the confrontation.

    "Our focus was on our event next Wednesday," Kulawik said, referring to the upcoming visit of Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. "We just want to ensure the safety of our speaker next week. We're looking forward to the event and we're hoping to make it through to the question-and-answer period. I don't think that's too much to ask."

    Kulawik said that the College Republicans are working closely with Public Safety to coordinate the security for the Shoebat event, and that they have not yet discussed with the administration what went awry Wednesday night.

    "The specific facts surrounding the incident are under active investigation by the University, and so it is premature to make any official statement regarding facts that are yet to be confirmed," Hornsby said in the statement.

    The Latino Alumni Association of Columbia University joined the debate Thursday, releasing a statement expressing concern about the violent nature of the protest.

    "While LAACU encourages educational events that foster an academic debate and present a balanced dialogue on important and timely issues, such as the immigration question in the United States, LAACU deplores any violent actions, inflammatory remarks, and other provocations that may have caused an escalation to violence," Eugenio Cano, CC '95 and vice president of the association, said in an e-mail.
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    LOL! Typical liberal drivel.

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    On a side note, Walid Shoebat is a really interesting guy to listen to.

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    Columbia has always been an anti-authority school. In '68 my cousin was NYPD Cadet and was hit in the back with a paving brick while unloading barricades at a demonstration. Take a position against the current liberal-fascist sentiment and these dopes will do everything they can to shut you without any respect for the law. They all believe they are far superior to you or me.

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    That makes me sick. And these are supposed to be the future leaders of our country?
    Are you a 3%er? If you aren't, you should be.



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