A Noblesville police officer was credited with saving a man's life after he recently collapsed outside a bowling alley.

Officer Brad Purvis was first at the scene when Floyd Robison, 70, collapsed.

Using a mobile defibrillator the department got in 2004, Purvis shocked the cardiac arrest victim and got him breathing again before medics arrived.

Purvis, who has been with the department for a year, said it's a moment he will always remember.

"It's what somebody that takes on the responsibility of being a police officer wants to do. They want to go out and help people. That's the whole reason they want to be a policeman," Purvis said.

"The only thing I can say is, 'Thanks.' He needs the recognition," Robison said.

The department eventually wants to put defibrillators in all of its patrol cars.


So my question to everyone else is, who actually has a defibrillator in their vehicle here?