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    Unhappy Trooper Chris Glenn, Idaho State Police

    Trooper in Critical Condition After Being Shot in the Neck

    I'm having trouble copying and pasting the story, but it's worth reading. The armed robbery suspect led police on a 45 mile chase through two states before crashing into a truck.
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    Angry Bastard Mower should have died from injuries!

    Trooper in critical condition after being shot in neck

    06:43 PM MST on Wednesday, December 20, 2006



    Idaho State Police trooper Chris Glenn was shot in the neck during a traffic stop south of Twin Falls this morning.

    TWIN FALLS -- An Idaho State Police trooper was shot during a traffic stop just south of Twin Falls this morning. This after an armed robbery at a nearby gas station.

    The series of events span two states and left two men hospitalized - the trooper and the accused gunman.

    The shooting took place in the Magic Valley and the arrest of the suspect took place in Jackpot, Nevada.

    Armed robbery at Twin Falls gas station

    Idaho State Police say an armed robbery occurred at the Stinker Station on Shoshone on the south side of Twin Falls this morning. Trooper Chris Glenn was shot just after 7 a.m. after he pulled over a suspect vehicle in that robbery.

    After the robbery, police issued an attempt to locate on the suspect vehicle.

    At the time of the dispatch, Glenn was on his way to work and heard the call on his radio and spotted a vehicle matching the description.

    Glenn stopped the vehicle on Highway 74 near mile marker 4. He was driving a marked police car, but Glenn was wearing plain clothes during the traffic stop because he was supposed to spend the day training a junior officer.

    Shortly after pulling the suspect over, backup officers from Twin Falls Police arrived on the scene and found Glenn shot in the neck.

    “We all felt a sense of loss and a sense of pain today with this incident,” said ISP Capt. Ked Wills.

    Glenn has been with the Idaho State Police for four years and has a wife and a three-year-old son.

    “It’s amazing how trooper Glenn was respected and loved in this office. And our thoughts got out to him and his family,” said Wills.

    The investigation is being conducted by the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.

    Police arrested Adam Mower after he crashed his car along US 93 in Jackpot, Nevada.

    After the shooting, the 24-year-old suspect fled south down US 93 toward Jackpot, Nevada.

    A trail of shattered glass and beer cans signifies the end of a 45-mile pursuit and the site where a dramatic crash not only landed Adam Ted Mower in the hospital, but also in police custody.

    “Right here on the south side of Jackpot, he hit a semi, rolled about 50 yards before it came to a rest,” said Ed Grudgell, Twin Falls County undersheriff.

    Police say the suspect was driving over 100 miles per hour, attempting to elude police. Upon crashing, the suspect’s vehicle came to rest on its top.

    Adam Mower, 24, of Twin Falls, is charged with robbery, aggravated assault of a police officer and eluding police.

    “He was trapped in the vehicle. They said he looked pretty bad,” said Grudgell.

    It took emergency crews nearly 40 minutes to get the suspect out of the mangled vehicle.

    While they worked, five separate law enforcement agencies from Idaho and Nevada spent the morning and afternoon piecing together the string of events that ended in this border town.

    An accident investigation is fairly routine for many of these officers, but knowing this one sprung from the shooting of one of their own, makes this accident more personal.

    “A lot of people that work that streets know each other, so it’s kind of a friendship thing too,” said Grudgell.

    Late this afternoon, Mower was charged with aggravated battery upon a police officer, eluding police and robbery.

    Both the trooper and the suspect were airlifted to St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise.

    Glenn was transported by helicopter and arrived around 10 a.m. About four hours later the man accused of shooting him was also brought to St. Al’s.

    Glenn is listed in critical condition as of Wednesday evening.

    His boss, Colonel Dan Charboneau, visited Glenn in the intensive care unit and said he was doing "very well," and that the long-term prognosis from the gunshot wound would be revealed over the next several days or weeks.

    "He's awake, he's alert, he recognized me. I told him I loved him and I thanked him for being there this morning to protect the citizens of Idaho and he acknowledged that," said Charboneau.

    Officers from numerous law enforcement agencies have been coming and going from the hospital all day long, showing their support for Glenn and his family.

    For support, law enforcement agencies from as far away as Oregon State Police have sent crews Twin Falls to assist the investigation.
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    Pretty in depth little article on the trooper and what happened.
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    Thanks for sharing times like these kind of reset your thoughts on a day to day basis. We will pray for him and his family

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    UPDATE: Trooper Glenn Released from Hospital

    Trooper Glenn Released from Boise Hospital

    05:41 PM MST on Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    BOISE – Injured Idaho State Police Trooper Chris Glenn is keeping a “positive attitude” despite being paralyzed from the chest down by a gunshot wound to his spine last year.

    Glenn talked with the media today after spending 10 weeks rehabilitating at a Boise hospital.

    Glenn was shot in the neck during a traffic stop on Highway 74 near Twin Falls five days before Christmas. He suffered severe injuries to his spine, trachea and esophagus, and underwent extensive treatment and rehabilitation at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise.

    The trooper said he knew immediately when he was struck by the bullet that he was paralyzed because he could not feel his feet and legs.

    Doctors said the bullet passed through his spine and there is virtually no chance of recovery.

    Despite the grim prognosis, Glenn remained upbeat, saying he has a lot to live for.

    "There still is big challenges in front of us," said Glenn.

    With his young son on his lap, Glenn said he is ready to get on with his life. He thanked the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley communities for their support and fundraising efforts on his behalf.

    Glenn said the most amazing thing has been the outpouring of supports in cards and letters he has received from the public and police officers across the country, with total strangers sending him kinds words.

    Glenn says the hardest part has been learning to get his strength and endurance back and relearn simple day-to-day tasks like getting dressed. But now he feels much more self-sufficient and is ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

    Glenn will not head home right away, saying there is more rehabilitation in Boise.

    Glenn and his family exited the hospital with a special honor guard salute and motorcycle procession.

    Meanwhile, the man accused of shooting Glenn was sentenced for the first of six charges.

    Adam Mower pleaded guilty to drunken driving charges.

    He was sentenced this morning in Twin Falls.

    Mower was arrested for DUI two days before the shooting that left Glenn paralyzed.

    Mower still faces charges of battery of an officer, attempting to elude a police officer and robbery.
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