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Thread: On duty Suicide

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    On duty Suicide

    Jessica Hansen KENOSHA NEWS
    Jan 8, 2006

    A Pleasant Prairie police officer died Friday night of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Chief Brian Wagner said Saturday.

    Officers were called about 9:10 p.m. Friday to a report of an "officer down" at the Keno Outdoor Theater, 9102 Sheridan Road.

    Officer Eric C. Feifer, 29, of Kenosha, was on patrol in that area, Pleasant Prairie Assistant Chief Tim Becker said. Feifer apparently shot himself while on duty and reportedly used his duty weapon.

    Wagner would not comment on whether Feifer left a note, but said police were confident the death was a suicide.

    "It's difficult because nobody saw this coming," Wagner said. "And he was a nice kid and a good policeman, and there's not much else to say."

    Feifer was a Pleasant Prairie police officer for five years. He spent the last roughly two years as a field training officer who handled mostly new cops, Becker said. He worked second shift patrol Friday night.

    A debriefing was held Friday night for Pleasant Prairie police and firefighters. Counseling services will continue to be offered, Becker said.

    "Any loss here is a big loss. We're a very small department, a very small family," he said. "These guys are really taking it hard."

    Wagner echoed that. "We're going to handle this as a family would," he said.

    Feifer was a graduate of Tremper High School and Gateway Technical College, according to records.

    He had no children and was not married, Becker said. His parents live in Kenosha. Wagner said he spoke to them and they were "stunned and heartbroken."

    "He always seemed to be a happy kid," said one relative, who did not want to be identified. "He was well-liked and well-loved by everyone who knew him. And we will miss him very much."

    An autopsy was expected to officially determine the cause of death. No autopsy had been scheduled as of Saturday afternoon, Wagner said. Police will be present, he said.

    No funeral arrangements had been made as of Saturday either, Becker said.
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    Prayer sent

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    That's rough....
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    it's a tough thing to deal with...If anyone ever has to deal with this from their department check out www.tearsofacop.com ...seems to be a decent website
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    That's awful. I hope I never have to deal with that.

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    Saddening. Prayer sent as well.
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    Sad whatever he thought was going on atleast he is much happier and safer now.
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    That happened a few miles south of me. I got my AS from Gateway Tech, too. I know a guy with the S.O. in that county. He told me he heard the whole department was completely shocked. No indication of depression, no warning signs at all. Very sad.

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    That was a great site jmur5074, it brought back a lot of memories. It is sad that our brothers and sisters turn to suicide to end their troubles. Unfortunatly most of us miss the signs of their despair or just brush it off as them having a bad day. God bless us all!!!
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