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    Tampa FL Police officer shot in face and shoulder

    A Tampa police officer was shot in the face and shoulder shortly after 6 a.m. Friday while serving a warrant.

    Officer John Armao, 40, was taken to Tampa General Hospital with non life-threatening injuries and is in fair condition after undergoing surgery. He's expected to make a full recovery.

    Two officers and a bail bondsman were at the Castle Court Apartments on the 700 block of Castle Court to serve a warrant to 38-year-old Kevin Hunter of Tampa on charges of carrying a concealed weapon in violation of his parole.

    Hunter's girlfriend answered the door and was uncooperative, trying to keep the officers out of the home. They eventually forced their way inside and found Hunter in a back bedroom, where he was hiding in a closet. Hunter opened fire, striking Armao twice.

    "They made their way into the bedroom and made the command, 'Show your hands. Show your hands,'" said Tampa Police Department spokesperson Laura McElroy "Seconds later an officer was shot."

    The officers then exited the home and the SWAT team arrived. Hunter barricaded himself the home and shortly before 7 a.m., shot himself in the head, killing himself. (not soon enough apparently)

    "There was no time for negotiation," McElroy said. "His way of negotiating was to shoot an officer and try to kill him."

    Kevin Hunter shot and killed himself after shooting an officer.
    Hunter's girlfriend was arrested in connection with the incident. Charges against her have not been released. (Tampa has a wonderful history of charging the associates of Cop killers/shooters and winning. They charged the girlfriend of the killer of Officer Lois Marrero and the girlfriend of a scumbag who killed 2 Tampa cops and a FHP Trooper. Both are sitting in prison as accessories to the murders)

    Also, three young children who were inside the home were escorted from the scene. They are being cared for by an aunt.

    Police initially tried to serve a warrant to Hunter Thursday night, but he wasn't home.

    Hunter had just been released from jail in March on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from an incident last November.

    "It's kind of something you live with and you dread," said TPD Chief Stephen Hogue. "Because you know it's going to happen. So when it comes, it's devastating. Any time a police officer gets shot, it's more like a family. And when that happens it's just like somebody in your family getting hurt."

    Armao is a 17-year veteran of TPD and is married with three children.

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    Looks like someone was watching out for the officer. Shot twice and has non life-threatening injuries.

    Why do these asses have to off them selfs. Why can't we help them on their way out?
    Just because your sign off after you're shift is done, doesn't mean that it's over and put blinders on. You're a cop 24/7 wether you like it or not. If thats something you can't handle, you should find a new line of work!

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    Hunter had just been released from jail in March on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from an incident last November.

    If the motha fucka was still in jail, he wouldnt have been shooting anyone!

    When is this going to happen to a judge or attorney, is a sad day, to hear that he was just released, and now we have a veteran police officer shot in the face, yeah not life threatening, but i can gaurentee this will fuckin haunt him, and his family for the rest of there lives.

    God was the watching out for this Fine Officer!

    thoughts, and prayers being sent your way brotha in Tampa.

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    Eat it, Play with it, or piss on it, and walk away!

    As smart as man is, we haven't been able to invent a machine that can smell drugs or tell us where a person has walked, Dogs are sophisticated investigative tools!

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    Speedy recovery to Officer Armao!
    What a lucky man he is tonight.

    "I used to care
    but now I take a pill for that"

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    Prayers sent.

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    I hope the Officer makes a full, quick recovery. I'm glad the scumbag took himself out...
    Calm Like A Bomb...

    A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.
    -Winston Churchill



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