Officer hurt, suspects shot in Hickory Hills By Stacey Baca
May 11, 2007 - A suburban Burbank police officer was injured Friday while investigating a crime in the southwest suburbs. He was hit by a car. The incident happened in Hickory Hills.

Illinois State Police were still on the scene late Friday evening investigating the situation. Police officers shot two suspects but investigators are trying to figure out when exactly those shots were fired, whether it was before or after the suspect ran over a Burbank police officer.
The Burbank police officer is injured and in the hospital but police officials are not talking about the extent of his injuries.

"Our officer was run over by a vehicle. Our main concern is his well being," said Capt. Joseph Ford, Burbank police.

The situation unfolded about 5 p.m. Friday evening in Hickory Hills near 95th and Roberts Road. Burbank police say three of their officers, along with an Alsip officer, had been following two suspects who were driving a stolen Toyota Camry. Police say they were following the car because it had been involved in several business burglaries. One of the officers tried to stop the suspects and that's when he was injured.

"As he exited the vehicle, the driver of the suspect vehicle drove at him and shots were fired," said Capt. Ford.

Witnesses nearby heard the gunfire.

"We heard a couple gunshots and then an ambulance pulled up. I saw at least one person get taken away," said Jeff Racic, witness.

The suspects in the stolen Toyota Camry collided with another driver. Police did not talk about that driver's condition. The Toyota Camry once belonged to Patrick Lynch. It was stolen back in April.

"I left the keys in the car and I ran in to give her $20, and I said, 'I am on the number 8 pump.' I wasn't in there a second. There was nobody in the station. My car is gone," said the owner of the stolen car.

Police are checking surveillance video from two cameras at a nearby gas station.

Police are also pursuing charges against one of the suspects.

"At this point we are pursuing charges against the driver of that vehicle. He ran over one of our officers," Capt. Ford said.

The two suspects as well as the police officer were taken to Christ Medical Center. The two suspects have gunshot wounds but at this point there is no word on their conditions. The police officer was conscious and talking, but police are not revealing any other details about his injuries.