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    Wind downed tree kills deputy

    Wind-downed tree kills deputy

    Associated Press photo by CHUCK COOK
    An investigator looks over a Sheriff’s Office patrol car Wednesday after a tree fell on the vehicle during a storm in Covington, killing one deputy and injuring another.

    Advocate Florida parishes bureau
    Published: Jun 14, 2007 - Page: 1b

    COVINGTON — One deputy died and another received critical injuries Wednesday afternoon when a tree fell on their patrol car, which was part of a funeral procession for a deputy who was killed in a wreck Saturday, authorities said.

    High winds toppled trees onto two other vehicles, a house and numerous power lines around 4 p.m., Lt. Jack West of the Covington Police Department said.

    Other than the deputies, West said, he was unaware of any additional serious injuries from the storm, which caused numerous street closures and power outages.

    Deputy Cpl. Linden “Beau” Raimer suffered fatal injuries and Deputy Marylin “Mary” Mayo received serious spinal injuries, spokesman George Bonnett Jr. of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

    Mayo was listed in critical condition at Tulane Medical Center on Wednesday night, after being transferred there from St. Tammany Parish Hospital.

    Raimer, who lived in Madisonville, served in the Criminal Patrol Division and had worked for the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office since October 1997, Bonnett said.

    Mayo, who lives in Slidell, works in the Communications Division and has been with the Sheriff’s Office since October 2005. Raimer and Mayo were part of a lengthy funeral procession taking the body of a third deputy to his grave site when the storm hit, dropping a large pine tree onto the deputies’ patrol car shortly after the procession turned onto 21st Avenue, authorities said.

    Trees fell along Tyler Street and parallel streets from 19th Avenue through 23rd Avenue, West said.

    City workers cleared debris and had most roadways opened by 8 p.m., although Johnson Street and 19th Avenue, where a tree downed major power lines, remained closed, West said.

    About 25 percent of the city remained without power Wednesday night, he said.

    The National Weather Service also reported hail and high winds in Slidell.

    The funeral procession was for Hilery Mayo, a St. Tammany Parish sheriff’s deputy who was killed when his patrol car struck a tree Saturday. He was not related to Deputy Marylin Mayo
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    Rest in peace, Deputy Raimer, and best wishes to Deputy Mayo for a quick recovery.

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    RIP Brother and thoughts and prayers enroute
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    Rest easy, brother. Prayers enroute for the survivor.

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    RIP sir, thoughts and prayers with both of them.


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    Rest in Peace brother.
    Prayers sent to family and dept.



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