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    Investigator Shot ..Help Need At Christmas

    On December 11, 2007 at approximately 8 p.m., myself and other members of the Burke County Sheriff's Office were attempting to serve invouluntary committment papers on a mentally disturbed female who had barracaded herself in her home.

    After several attempts to make contact with this person an attempt was made by SWAT to deploy a throw phone to which I was to negotiate with her. During the deployment Investigator Martin Lawing (a SWAT Team Leader) was shot in the neck by the barracaded subject.

    SWAT members, The Sheriff and myself were able to evacuate Inv. Lawing to a nearby Hospital where he was flown to a Charlotte Intensive Care Facility known as Carolina Medical Center.

    Currently Investigator Lawing is still in critical condition with an uncertain prognosis. He is on life support and has remained in this condition for over a week now. Concerns for his family during the Christmas holiday are in the minds of all of us and growing.

    I write this blog in hopes of reaching as many brothers as I can..

    Our department is seeking any finacial contribution to aid the Martin Family. Martin's wife has had to take a leave of absents and concerns are growing on how they will make ends meet this holiday season. Investigator Lawing and his wife have a two year old daughter who recently had a lengthy stay in the hospital herself due to pre-mature birth.

    I know any contribution will be greatly appriciated..

    Checks can be made to Morganton, N.C. F.O.P. and in the memo section you can place the words "The Lawing Fund" and all proceeds will go directly to the Martin family fund and will be distributed accordingly to help with their bills that are continuing to mount up....

    I also welcome and cards and letters to be address to Martin giving words of encouragement and recovery. At this time he is unable to read them but wouldn't it be nice to know that Brothers in Blue Nation Wide care about a wounded friend. It would mean the world to me and his family to see the support we can all give during this tragic time.

    Please address any questions, comments or contributions to

    Burke County Sheriff's Office
    150 Government Drive
    Morganton NC 28655

    Phone Numbers 828-438-5508 or 5507

    1$ or 5$ could make a huge difference to a family who's future is uncertain..

    I thank you all for you time in reading this

    Detective Sgt. Robert F. Beall
    Burke County Sheriff's Office
    Morganton, North Carolina

    Confirmation of this incident can be found on the Burke County Sheriff's Office website. Burkesheriff.org click on press release..

    Again I thank you ALL

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    Thanks for the post. Can you give us any updates as to Inv. Lawings condition?
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    Investigator Lawing is Currently at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta Ga. This is a rehabilitation center designed to deal with just spinal cord injuries and rehabilitation.

    His prognosis is still uncertain as to the extent of his long tern condition, however his wife and family are still by his side and facing difficult decisions and economic stress.

    Lawing is covered under Workman's Comp but that does not cover family travel expenses and his spouse being absent from her job to be with him. She is essentially out-of-work and this is where we as a law enforcement family are tyring to step in. The response has been great locally and we are all praying for a full recovery

    Thanks for your concerns and prayers..




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