Last Updated:
03-21-08 at 4:46PM

A police officer attempting to stop traffic wound up getting stopped himself, by a man driving the wrong way on the freeway. The driver smashed right into his patrol car on southbound Interstate 5 near the 52 Friday morning.

After several drivers reported seeing the car on the shoulder of the freeway, a CHP officer began to bring traffic to a stop near the 52.

"The suspect drove the wrong way for about three miles before hitting the patrol car," CHP officer Brad Baehr said.

That's when the suspect took off on foot, crossing five lanes of traffic on the other side of the freeway and heading to the train tracks. But with the help of ABLE, the police department's helicopter, the man was caught before he could duck into a tunnel.

The suspect was injured and taken to a local hospital. The officer who chased him also had some minor injuries, but is said to be OK.

The car the suspect was driving is registered to a Nicholas Thomas. Police have not yet confirmed if he is the man who was arrested.