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    Colorado Springs - Officer Killed


    COLORADO SPRINGS - A police officer was shot and killed Wednesday morning while trying to make an arrest.

    Colorado Springs Police Chief Luis Velez identified the slain officer as 30-year-old Jared Jensen, who has served with the department since 2002. He was decorated twice for outstanding work.

    The officer was shot at the intersection of Costilla and Hancock near Memorial Park around 10:45 a.m. Chief Velez says Jensen and other officers were looking for Jereme Lamberth, 30, wanted for the Feb. 2 stabbing of his sister, Melanie Schweinhardt, 32.

    Velez said at an afternoon press conference that Jensen's last communication indicated that he had made contact with Lamberth. Four minutes later, police received reports of a shooting.

    Jensen was undercover at the time of the shooting. He reportedly spotted Lamberth in a 7-Eleven and chased him outside. Witnesses say he had handcuffs in his hand but never had a chance to draw his gun. They say he was shot in the head.

    Jensen was transported to Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 12:10 p.m.

    A search ensued for Lamberth, who was found about two hours later a mile and a half from the shooting scene in the Fountain Creek bed on the 1200 block of South Nevada St.

    Much of central Colorado Springs was closed down until Lamberth was arrested.

    "It has been a tough day," said Mayor Lionel Rivera, paying tribute to Jensen. "He was a brave man, he served with honor and distinction -- the city of Colorado Springs and the police department."

    Jensen is the first Colorado Springs police officer to die in the line of duty since 1982. That year, Officer Mark Dabling was walking to his car during a traffic stop when the driver of the stopped car shot him in the back.

    Lamberth has a criminal history dating back to 1995. It includes arrests for assault, DUI and burglary.
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    Damn. RIP.

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    yeah - the perp was a real scuzball.

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    Ah man, I was hoping it wasn't that serious, that is horrible

    RIP Officer Jensen



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