Police are searching for a man who shot an Eaton County sheriff's deputy early Monday morning. Sergeant Jeff Lutz was shot in the shoulder when he approached a man he thought looked suspicious. Police say they're doing everything they can to catch this guy.
Right now, they're looking for a vehicle of interest. It's described as an older-model Cutlass, maybe 83 to 85, light in color, possibly grey. Police called off an intense search for the gunman. They used a helicopter, tracking dogs and tactical teams to comb through neighborhoods and a nearby wooded area, but after cordoning off a large area near the crime scene, and a seven-hour effort, they believe the gunman got away. Now, they're looking for clues in a surveillance video provided by a business near the crime scene.
Shawn Sodman, owner of Game Hits: "We do have exterior cameras that have some footage of the perimeter of the store, and we're hoping, really hoping that they're going to be able to get something from that."
Sergeant Lutz is recovering and is expected to be OK. Police are working with him right now to put together a composite sketch of the gunman.