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    Fatally Shot L.A. County Deputy Makes Three In One Week

    Sheriff's Deputy Paul Wilms, fatally shot himself accidentally while cleaning his weapon, in the Community Service Center at the department's Industry Station, authorities said today.

    Paul Wilms was the third sheriff's deputy killed in a week.

    The body of the 38-year-old man was discovered by a fellow deputy about 5 a.m. in an office at the facility in the 200 block of Hudson Avenue, said Deputy Oscar Butao of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau.

    "This is the third deputy to die in the last seven days, and it's been kind of tough for us," Butao said.

    On Tuesday morning, Deputy Maria Cecelia Rosa, 30, was fatally shot, apparently during a robbery attempt, outside a Long Beach residence as she was preparing to drive to work. No arrests have been reported.

    And last Thursday, Deputy Pierre Bain, 45, was killed when his motorcycle crashed in Lancaster while he was in pursuit of a motorist.

    Outside the Industry Station this morning, sheriff's Capt. Ray Peavy told reporters that investigators believe the latest death was accidental.

    "He was cleaning his weapon," Peavy said. "We believe this probably occurred some time last night. During the course of cleaning his weapon it appears that a round was discharged and, at this point, it appears to be ... an accident"

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    What's the photo of?

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    I feel bad for his family... But he should have known better...

    I ALWAYS clear my weapon before I clean it.
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    That is sad. One careless mistake is all it takes.
    Prayers to the family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virginian
    What's the photo of?
    I assume its the area where the accident occurred, it was linked to the article.

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    Yes, very sad. Thoughts and prayers are with the family and may he rest in peace.

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    "In God we trust, everyone else keep your hands where we can see them."

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    May he rest in peace and prayers to his family.
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    God rest his soul
    'The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
    but because of those who look on and do nothing.'

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    My prayers and condolences to his family, friends, and the members of the department he worked for. May he rest in peace.

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    I heard today that this deptuy committed suicide.



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