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    Special Agent Buddy Sentner Shot and Killed

    Special Agent William (Buddy) Sentner
    United States Department of Justice - Office of Inspector General
    U.S. Government
    End of Watch: Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Biographical Info
    Age: 44
    Tour of Duty: 15 years
    Badge Number: Not available

    Incident Details
    Cause of Death: Gunfire
    Date of Incident: Wednesday, June 21, 2006
    Incident Location: Florida
    Weapon Used: Handgun
    Suspect Info: Shot and killed

    Special Agent Buddy Sentner was shot and killed in the Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution while serving arrest warrants on six federal corrections officers at approximately 7:45 am.

    The officers were being charged with smuggling contraband to prisoners in exchange for money and sexual contact with female inmates.

    As agents served the warrants in the lobby, one of the six corrections officers opened fire with a personal weapon he had smuggled into the prison. Agent Sentner was fatally wounded and another corrections officer, who was not a target of the investigation, was wounded in the crossfire.

    Agents returned fire, killing the assailant. The other five corrections officers were taken into custody.

    Agent Sentner had served in law enforcement for 15 years. He was assigned to the Officer of Inspector General's Orlando Field Office. He had formerly served as a special agent with the United States Secret Service and as an officer with the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division. He is survived by his wife.

    Agency Contact Information
    United States Department of Justice - Office of Inspector General
    1425 New York Avenue, NW
    Suite 7100
    Washington, DC 20530
    Phone: (202) 616-4760

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    rest in peace brother


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    May he rest in peace.
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    RIP after a very noble and successful mission to clean up that prison.

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    Rest in Peace! You are Loved by All..

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    R.I.P. Prayers go out to his family.
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    My prayers are with him, his family and friends. It's such an awful tragedy to be killed in the line of duty by some low life on the street, but by one of our supposed brothers or sisters? There are no words I can think of to describe it.....

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    I am with Gal. This is sickening. Rest in peace, brother.
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    Rest In Peace my brother. We shall continue the fight that you fought for so long.
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    Remember who you are, and where you came from. That way you never get a big head.

    May those that lost their lives in 9-11 RIP, for the things you did not many could do. You left so many behind so that you could save so few. For now we stand strong as one, and will not look back till the fight is done. (me)


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