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    Unhappy Deputy Killed in car crash.

    As I drove to my Physical Agility today in Riverside County there was a major car accident on the west bound 91 fwy. It looked really bad. One Cement truck and 3 other cars. There was one killed when the car was crushed by the cememt truck. Now that I'm home I'm watching the news and the one killed was a Deputy Sheriff from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. The Deputy was enroute to the Academy. He has not been identified as of yet. I'll update as soon as I hear more info.

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    Oh wow....i saw this sig alert this morning on news too.
    How AWFUL!

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    damn... RIP
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    ok, here is the update as promised.....

    Sheriff’s Deputy Dies In 91 Freeway Crash
    (CBS) ANAHEIM A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy died on the Riverside (91) Freeway Friday when his car collided with a cement hauler, possibly after hitting a stove that somehow ended up on the roadway, authorities said.

    David Stan Piquette, 34, was westbound on the 91, east of Kraemer Boulevard, when his department-issued 2004 Ford Crown Victoria slid sideways and wedged between the two trailers of a big rig loaded with dry cement, said
    California Highway Patrol Officer Chris Johnson.

    Both vehicles traveled, out of control, toward the shoulder, where the big rig landed on top of a 35-foot concrete wall, with the cab on the north side of the wall and the trailers on the freeway side, Johnson said.

    The car was so wedged between the trailers that it took nearly 1 1/2 hours to get Piquette's body out of the wreckage, Johnson said.

    The trucker, Thomas Hipsher, 39, of Hesperia, was taken to UCI Medical Center with minor to moderate injuries.

    The CHP began getting calls at 5:01 a.m. about debris in the road, and several minutes later received the collision report, Johnson said.

    Two other motorists reported hitting the stove before the fatal crash, he said. They pulled off the freeway and called the CHP, he said.

    It was unclear if the deputy -- who had been en route to work -- had swerved to try to miss the appliance or had struck it, causing him to lose control of the Ford, Johnson said.

    The stove, which was new, was recovered just behind the crash site, and investigators hope to determine how it got on the freeway.

    The truck was going between 50-55 mph in a area of the freeway that is straight, with five regular lanes and an HOV lane, Johnson said.

    "It was just a matter of circumstance," he said regarding the crash.

    Piquette leaves a wife and 3-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, the department's Kerri Webb said.

    He joined the department on June 26, 1996, and began as an instructor in the tactical use of force at the Sheriff's Training Academy and Regional Services Center in Whittier last August, department officials said.


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    Rest in Peace - and thoughts and prayer to all those with his department

    Forgive my rant - but I am so sick of road debris I could scream. I almost hit a ladder on the freeway early one morning - is was barely visible - grey road, grey ladder, grey sky. If there had been a car next to me it would have created a TC.

    I hope they track the stove owner down - grrr!
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    R.I.P. My prayers and thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.

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    Fallen Brother

    RIP my prayers are with the family and friends of this fallen brother.



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