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    Something I Made

    Back in 2002, a native of my hometown here in Michigan was killed down on the Mexican border at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, he was a Park Ranger there and was gunned down trying to apphrehend two illegal aliens crossing the border. I never met Kris, but after his death, my explorer post was very active with his family, in regards to his funeral, and memoriums. Through these I gained a strong sense of the person that Kris was and it almost felt that I had met him once before. His family is very active now in Washington trying to lobby for stronger border legislation and also in our community to make sure that Kris is never forgotten as well as all the law enforcement officers who have been killed doing what they do best. Through this time I've gained a unique relationship with his parents and this year approaches the 4th anniversay of Kris' death.

    I've taken on a photography hobby and especially enjoy putting pictures together in frames, collage type thing. Don't know the exact name.

    So I've been working a bit on this project and finally got it done today, was able to visit Organ Pipe a few years ago and got the pictures so this project is for Kris's parents to let them know 4 years later some have not forgotten and thought I'd share with everyone.

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    It is very very nice. I am sure the family will just love it. Great job!

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    Great job Autumn. I'd give you some green, but have to spread the love first. Anybody wanna give her some for me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiGywer
    Great job Autumn. I'd give you some green, but have to spread the love first. Anybody wanna give her some for me?
    I did! (I think I did anyway. My internet is being weird. Hopefully it shows up.)

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    Great job Autumn! I owe you some green for that, but it sez I have to spread it around first

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    Very nice job,green on it's way

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    Very nice and thoughtful, too!



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