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    Where the priorities are...

    This isn't a story about a major department in a city or anything, but goes to show you where the priorities are of the people educating your children.

    Before I started with my current agency, I went to the University of Arizona. There I did intern and civillian work with the Univesity of Arizona Police Department. Its a nice lil department of about 40 Officers. A little overly politically correct due to the College Enviroment, but was a good place to work.

    back in 1990, the only UAPD Officer killed in the line of duty ended his watch. His name is Cpl Kevin Barleycorn. Here is a link to his memorial page.

    Well, the vast majority of the buildings on the University of Arizona are named after ex-university presidents. Names such as the Richard Harvill Building. Pretty much every University President in the past 70 years has building named after them. One building was renamed to the Cesar Chavez building in 2005 in an effort to reach out to the hispanic communty (for those who don't know, Chavez was a labor leader in northern Mexico in the late 70'2 I beleive. Was also believed to be a communist.) Chavez had no association with the University of Arizona what so ever. And of course, the African American studies building is named the Martin Luther King Jr. Building. MLK too, had no association with U of A.

    In 2002, while I worked there, the UAPD was given a brand new Police Station. (they worked out of a double wide mobile up until then). When it was built, the Police Cheif put in a request to the University to name the building the "Cpl Kevin Barleycorn Building". The Unviersity turned down the request, stating that it would set a precedent of naming buildings after fallen officers. While Barleycorn was the only UAPD Officer killed in the line of duty, they didn't want to deal with that precedent in case another officer was killed.

    So when you send your children off to College, rememeber these are the priorities of the academics who teach them. I'm surpised I made it out of there with a shred of common sense. (for the sake of full disclosure, I graduated from the Criminal Justice Program. While the course offerings were a bit slim, I have nothing but good things to say about my professors)
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