Please forgive me, I couldn't resist...

There were four ducks that got arrested while messing around at the pond.
The judge orders the ducks to come in one at a time to tell their side.

The first duck comes in.
"What's your name,son?", the judge asks.
"Duck", replied the duck.
"What are you in for?"
"Well, I was sitting at the pond blowing bubbles, and the cop came by and arrested me."
The judge said "O.K., send in the next duck."

The next duck came in. His name was "Duck,Duck", and he told the exact same story as the first duck.
After his examination, the judge asked for the third duck to be sent in. The third duck's name was "Duck,Duck,Duck", and he told the same story as the first two.
Finally, the judge sent for the fourth duck.
As he came in, the judge said,"Let me guess...Your name is Duck,Duck,Duck,Duck...right?"

The duck replied, "No sir, my name is Bubbles."