I was reading the Sunday newspaper, found an article about Prenup
agreements and they were not just for the rich and famous any more.

Would you sign a prenup agreement before marriage?

Do you think it would belittle the love and cause problems?

Listed below are a few items that you might place in a prenup

1. If wife gains more than 10 pounds, she will forfeit money.

2. If one spouse cheats, all his/her frequent miles go to the
faithful spouse.

3. If husband/wife are rude to the other's parents, the rude spouse
pays $1000 for each infraction.

4. Husband agrees to pay wife $50,000 for each child she gives
birth to.

5. If marriage ends in divorce, neither party can attend children's
little league games or other children activites with a date.

6. After divorce, wife has custody of the pets and husband must pay
for all pet support.