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Thread: Police Dog

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    Police Dog

    Boudreaux was siting in the bar one day when a police officer walked up to him and asked "Boudreaux, is that your red truck parked outside?"
    Boudreaux replied, "Ya, cher dat is my truck, is der a problem wit it?"

    The officer said "NO, NO, but is that your dog in the back of your truck?"

    Boudreaux said it was his dog.

    The officer said "Well Boudreaux, are you aware that your dog's in heat?"

    Boudreaux replied "No cher, My dog ain't in no heat. I made sure I parked in da shade to keep her out da heat."

    The officer then repeated, "No Boudreaux. What I ment was, your dog, she wants to be bred."

    Boudreaux replied, "No officer, my dog, she don't like no bread, she likes meat an da leftovers."

    The officer thinks for a minute about another clean way of wording this and finally leans over and wispers in Boudreaux's ear. "Boudreaux,..... I am trying to tell you that your dog,....... she uh ,........ she wants to f--k."

    Boudreaux leans back in his chair, looks at the officer a minute then smiles and says, " Well officer, why you didn't jus say dat? Dat's great news, I always wanted a police dog."

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    Ok... That's just FUCKED UP!!!!!!

    Mildly amusing.... But fucked up.
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