From an email a friend sent me... I like #10

1. Something tells me this kid won't end up at the top of his class.

2. Don't show it off if you can't wear it correctly.

3. Yeah, this is safe.

4. Spray-painting the side of your house does not increase its perceived value.

5. Ever heard of a leash?

6. One sign that you're s pending too much time at the computer.

7. Couldn't they have worded this differently?

8. Carolyn felt like she never quite fit in amongst the Goth crowd.

9. Maybe this was her favorite skirt. Or, maybe she’s crying tears of relief that she wore panties today?

10. The smiley face is a nice touch.

11. And the news room goes silent...

12. You have to love how no one has seen him yet

13. Steady sleeper.

14. There are just some things you can't un-see