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Thread: Beer??

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    A man went into the proctologist's office for his first exam.
    The doctor told him to have a seat in the examination room and that he would be with him in just a few minutes.

    Well, when the man sat down in the examination room, he noticed that there were three items on a stand next to the doctor's desk: a tube of K-Y jelly, a rubber glove, and a can of beer.

    When the doctor came in, the man said,
    "Look Doc, this is my first exam. I know what the K-Y is for, and I know what the glove is for.
    But what's the BEER for?"

    At this instant, the doctor became noticeably outraged and stormed over to the door.
    The doc flung the door open and yelled to his nurse,

    "Dammit, nurse! I said a 'BUTT' LIGHT!"
    You can run....but you can't hide.

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