One of my favortie jokes, told by Lewis Grizzard, goes like this:

A southern country preacher was fired up one day giving a sermon about confessing and repenting sins. He got to a point in his sermon where he said "I know some of y'all have things that weigh heavy on your heart and you would feel so much better if you got them out in the open and repented! Tell us all some of those things!" By this time he had the congregation pretty worked up and a prominent business man stood up and said "I haven't been totally honest in all my business dealings, chasing the almighty dollar!" "Tell it all, brother, Tell it all!" said the preacher. Another man stood and said "I haven't been totally faithfull to my wonderful wife of 15 years!" "Tell it all, brother, tell it all! Come on. who's next?" A farmer stood up and said "I've been having sex with my goats last few years!" The preacher looked at him and said "Dang, brother, I don't believe I'da told that!"