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    Talking When you call 911....

    Do not ask the call taker "How you doing?". Do you really care how the call taker is doing? Does it really matter? Does this answer the question you just got asked "Where is your emergency?"

    Do not start your conversation with "This isn't an emergency." The non-emergency number is posted in the phone book.

    When asked your location, please be more specific than " In (insert city name here)". The jurisdiction is large and the call taker is not psychic. Maybe a little psycho, but not psychic.

    Do not start with "I called the other day and the (insert ongoing problem here) is happening again. Chances are, the call taker is not the same one as "The other day". Give details.

    If you have neglected to pay your cell phone bill and the only number your phone will call is 911, do not complain to the call taker that your phone is not working. Do not try to get the call taker to relay a phone call for you, and STOP DIALING THE PHONE!! It WILL NOT WORK until you have paid the bill.

    Side note, related to the last item: If you give your child an old unused cell phone as a toy, TAKE THE BATTERY OUT!! It will still dial 911 and it generally does not take the child long to learn that.

    Yes, folks, all of the above happens frequently and are the source of great aggravation for dispatchers. Feel free to make additions to the list.
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    Oooooh, I miss call taking.
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    Hmmmm, maybe this should be moved to "ask a cop"
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    how about asking for directions? I love hearing that from our dispatchers when people asking how do I get to...

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    Two streets that intersect means they cross each other - not that they are in the same general area.

    It is not a threat if someone tells you they will call the cops if you don't stop doing whatever obnoxious thing your are doing.

    No, I will not "just send the cops." Tell me what's going on, who's involved, who's drunk or stoned, and who's packing heat.

    If it happened last week, it can wait until you get home for you to call. And yes, you do need to stay home for contact once you call.
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    We got a 911 call he other day from a lady (EDP) who could not get her tv remote to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlDeputy View Post
    We got a 911 call he other day from a lady (EDP) who could not get her tv remote to work.
    well, i hoped you assisted the young woman in working her television...after all, aren't you guys being paid for public service?


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    So do people actually ask "how you doing" when calling 911?

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    Jenna yes they do..My pet peve is when they call in loud music..Is that loud music really that big of an issue.GRRRR

    I had a lady call once and ask who the mayor was for a town around here?? Like I know or give a s***

    Ive also had people call for directions..
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    We quite often get the call from a drunk saying "I've blown all my $$ on alcohol, can you call me a cab?" "Can you give me a lift home"
    I MEAN COME ON!!!!!!



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