While Im in NC visiting family, I ventured into a gas station to pay the obligitory cash for fuel routine that we all have to do.

I walked in and literally stopped in my tracks. Playing over the speakers was not muzac, oh no...what I heard was:

"I get paid 50 dollars to make you holla I get paid to do the wild thing..."

This is part of a song sung by none other than Tone Loc back in the late 80s/early 90's. While the song itself was funny (hearing in a gas station to me was funny) what was the funniest was seeing an elderly man standing next to the drink coolers with his head cocked up towards a nearby speaker as he was listening to the above mentioned song.

As I approached the coolers for a refreshing coke, he turned and started towards me, shaking his head. He looked right at me and grumbled "In my day we just did it, we didnt sing about it...I bet hes singing about it cause he isnt getting any."

I could do nothing but laugh and laugh some more.