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    Passover - Facebook Addition

    Don't forget to take the Which G-d Are You quiz!

    Moses is Departing Egypt: A Facebook Haggadah
    Molly Weasley makes Chuck Norris eat his vegetables.

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    Moses has taken the Which god are you? quiz. Moses is Osiris, God of the Dead. Dressed in white flannel gown, Osiris ruled over the Egyptians and taught them farming. God Note to self: This is getting really annoying. I have got to add a Commandment outlawing this stupid Which God Are You Quiz. I think I'll word it broadly so that no one can possibly misunderstand my intentions, and I'll put it right up front where they can't possibly miss it.
    God has written a note on Moses' Wall: Moses, stop wasting time and do something about this whole slavery thing. See See Wall to Wall
    Pharaoh has used Yes We Conserve to pledge to Use dryer less. Pharaoh This is a no brainer, as I live in a desert. Also, dryers haven't been invented yet.
    Moses has written a note on God's Wall: Er, me? See See Wall to Wall
    God sent Moses burning bush. God has written a note on Moses' Wall: Yeah, you. See See Wall to Wall
    Moses has written a note on Pharaoh's Wall: Let my people go! See See Wall to Wall



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