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Thread: One Arm Man

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    One Arm Man

    I was just a rookie when this incident happened. Our narcotics unit had been working this case on this man that was selling marijuana and meth to just about anyone that could crawl. They finally got enough on him to get a warrant for him and also a search warrant for his house.

    They needed some extra help so they asked me to go along with them. They told me the guys name and gave me a description of him but they left off one important thing he only has one arm and he likes to fight. So Im the second man in and when I enter into the house I am yelling “Police let me see your hands, hands up, get on the ground.” I see this guy only showing one arm so I run and tackle the guy. It’s the guy we are looking for. He had on a jacket and I could only see one arm and the way the jacket was on it looked as if he was holding the other arm under his body. Im yelling for him to let me see your hands let me see your hands. This guy is getting pissed and is cursing at me calling me all kinds of names and telling me that im a dumbass and that he is showing me his arms. Then I grab a hold of the amputated part of his arm and its hits me this dude only has one arm. Of course all the other guys just thought that was the funnies crap ever.

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    Was he the one who framed The Fugitive?

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    Yeah. I would have been laughing too. Good one.
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    Don't feel bad I told a double amputee below the knees not to run off following a pursuit.
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    Mistakes like that will happen on occasion.

    My Sgt years ago tried to make a stop. The violator went 3-4 blocks at reasonable speed, well lit and populated area, light traffic, before he pulled over. He passed several good places to stop so the Sgt turned on his siren and called for some assistance with the stop. I got there just as the guy pulled over and my old-school (very old school) walked up to the driver and said "Are you deaf?! Let me see your license!" The guy was already rooting in his wallet and when he handed over the license, he pointed to his ear and mouth and shook his head, clearly indicating that he was indeed deaf. Sarge just kind of stood there a second and then handed me the license and said "Warn him for his expired tag." and walked back to his car. I wrote the warning on my pocket pad and showed it to him and waved him on. That has been about 22 years ago, the sarge still works with me, and he has YET to live it down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjlaw View Post
    Don't feel bad I told a double amputee below the knees not to run off following a pursuit.
    Never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way" ~Martin Luther King, Jr

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    Back when I was a young officer , I was first on the scene where a baby's mom clipped her sperm donor with a Chevy Caprice because she saw him dancing with his other baby's mom at a local club. He was laying on the side of the road and when I approached him I noticed that one of his eyes were open and the other eye was closed. The open eye was fixed and unresponsive. It was staring at me with unseeing intensity. I thought to myself that we've got a homicide on hands when he groaned and scared the shit out of me. I later learned that the jackass had a glass eye and that was how he looked when he slept. Anybody seen the movie " Captain Ron" with Kurt Russell in the title role?

    "It's a great life. You risk your skin catching killers and the juries turn them loose so they can come back and shoot at you again. If your honest , your poor your whole life. And , In the end , you wind up dying all alone on some dirty street. For what? For nothing. For a tin star."
    -Ex-Sheriff Martin Howe to Will Kane in "High Noon"

    Far from being a handicap to command, compassion is the measure of it. For unless one values the lives of his soldiers and is tormented by their ordeals , he is unfit to command.
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