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Lonoke Police Scandal
More charges Friday relating to the former police chief in Lonoke and his wife. Jay and Kelly Campbell face ten charges each for burglary, fraud and theft. A former Lonoke Police Department dispatcher is also charged with having sex with an inmate.
Four of the defendants in the Lonoke Police scandal, including former Chief Jay Campbell and his wife Kelly, are due in court Monday to appear on charges from last month. However, when they show up, they'll have to answer to a lot more after each were charged with multiple felonies on Friday.
The new charges against former Lonoke Police Chief Jay Campbell are extensive. They include burglary, obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, and theft. His wife Kelly faces the same charges for allegedly stealing prescription pain medicine out of homes in Lonoke. Today's charges come after similar charges were filed last month, and County Prosecutor Lona McCastlain asked other potential victims to speak up.
"We received some calls, and the investigation progressed, and this is where we are today... and I would say this investigation is ongoing," McCastlain says.
According to the felony affidavit, Kelly Campbell stole prescription painkillers like Hydrocodone and Darvocet.
Former LPD dispatcher Amy Staley was charged with third degree sexual assault for alleging having sex with a prisoner on at least two occasions.
"Lonoke, the police department over there, they have some good, competent people over there, and I'm confident that this community will be right back where it should be," says McCastlain.
The city council accepted the resignation of Jay Campbell two days after the original charges surfaced in February. As she prepares to try the case, McCastlain hopes the city can put the scandal behind them.
"I don't know that they even need to wait until this case is complete, because these individuals aren't there, and they can move forward now, and I think they've been doing that," McCastlain says.
Two bondsmen will also be in court on Monday to appear on charges relating to the case. Lonoke Mayor Thomas Privett will make answer his misdemeanor charge April 3.