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    Cars and Garages

    A young boy and young girl were playing in the sandbox one day. The little boy got bored and the baby sitter was asleep so he suggested they take off their clothes. The little girl said okay. Once naked the little girl looked down at the little boy, pointed and asked
    "What's that?"
    "I don't know said the little boy, what's that," he asked while also pointing down at the little girl.
    Later that day after they went home the little boy was watching his teenage brother get ready for a date. As the teen came out of the shower the little boy asked his brother, "What's that?"
    The teen responded, "That's your car, put it in as many garages as possible."
    At the same time the little girl was watching her older sister get ready for her date and asked "what's that?"
    The teen girl relied "That's your garage keep as many cars out as possible."

    The next day the young boy and girl were once again playing in the sandbox when they both got bored. The little boy again suggested they get naked to which the little girl agreed.
    "What's that," asked the little boy. "My garage," answered the little girl. "What's that," she asked. "My car," said the little boy.

    A short time later the babysitter woke up to a piercing cry and saw the little boy run buck naked behind the bushes with a trail of blood following him.

    "What happened," asked the babysitter in a panic.
    The little girl told the babysitter, "He tried to park his car in my garage, so I tore his back wheels off."

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