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Thread: Commandments

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    Talking Commandments

    God went to the Arabs and said:

    "I have Commandments for you that will make your lives better.

    The Arabs asked, "What are Commandments?"

    And the Lord said, "They are rules for living."

    "Can you give us an example?"

    "Thou shall not kill."

    "Not kill? We're not interested."

    So, He went to the Blacks and said, "I have Commandments."

    The Blacks wanted an example.

    The Lord said, "Honor thy Father and Mother."

    "Father? We don't know who our fathers are."
    Then, He went to the Mexicans and said, "I have Commandments."

    The Mexicans also wanted an example.

    The Lord said "Thou shall not steal."

    "Not steal? We're not interested."

    Next, He went to the French and said, "I have Commandments."

    The French, too, wanted an example.

    The Lord said, "Thou shall not commit adultery."

    "Not commit adultery? We're not interested."

    Finally, He went to the Jews and said, "I have Commandments." "Commandments?" they questioned.

    "How much are they?"

    "They're free."

    "We'll take 10."
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    OG?? Your comments?
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