Dinner in Mexico
An American is on vacation in Mexico. During his trip, he watches a bullfight. Afterwards, he stops at the restaurant attached to the bullring for dinner.

When the waiter comes to take his order, another waiter walks by with a different customer's dinner. He sees what looks like two huge, mouthwatering beef filets brought to the other table.

He tells his waiter, "Wow, that really looks great. I'll have that".

The waiter says, "Ah, I'm so sorry, Senor, but that is impossible. That is a very special dish. We can only serve that dish once per day, as those are the testicles of the bull which was defeated in the bullring today. If that is really something you wish to have, you will have to order today, for dinner tomorrow".

The tourist places his order and has a different dish that day.

The next day, the tourist goes fishing, but goes back to the same restaurant so he can try what he ordered the previous day. When his order arrives, the waiter puts down his plate, but laying on it is what looks like two burnt chicken nuggets.

He says "Hey! I ordered that dish with those two huge pieces of beef! What the heck is this?!"

The waiter says, "Ah, I'm so sorry, Senor... but sometimes, the bull wins".