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    Top 10 signs your partner is the cheapest person on the planet

    1. Between finding the Wendy's that's still participating in the "limited time only" free chili with a salad deal and finding the coupon she saved from the paper, it takes three hours to get lunch.

    2. He's been disciplined twice for lifting Post-it Notes and paper clips from headquarters.

    3. He lives in a van down by the river, steals bread during pre-dawn bakery deliveries to local restaurants and wears clothes he found in the lost-and-found bin at the local movie theater.

    4. He installed his kid's braces himself with aluminum foil and pliers because "dental care is a scam."

    5. She suggesdted New Orleans for this year's family vacation because she heard it's very reasonable in terms of price.

    6. Five words- "hand-me-down service weapon

    7. He rigged his car to run on leftover nachos and flatuence

    8. His kids are staging a formal protest on the front lawn because they're the last family in town without basic cable or Internet acces.

    9. Switched religions to avoid giving parents a normal funeral.

    10. Made body armor out of spent scratch cards.
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