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    On the ride home today...

    I took my "fun" car ( a heavily modded '98-'02 Z28 ) to work today. It's about a 20 minute drive from my house.

    Didn't notice anything odd on the way to work, but then again, I go in about 0400.

    When I left today at 1515 hrs, I noticed something on I-65 North. I was doing the speed limit, but suddenly I had a convoy behind me. Even the speeders that normally go 80-85 were slamming on the brakes either just before they got to me, or just after. I soon had a little cluster of cars around.

    Did I mention that I had the t-tops off, and was in full uniform? Oh, and that the car looks like this:

    Our State Trooper cars have the same paint scheme, silver and a dark navy blue ( almost black like my car ).

    Just found it amusing, and now I think there will be a rumor started that my agency has a new undercover car.
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    Good looking car.

    have you seen the trooper in the unmarked Infiniti? Clean car, you would never think it was a cop.

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    Maybe they were all slowing down to admire the car....

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    I think there is a really old thread when I was driving U.S. 280 into work one day. I usually rode with my windows down about four inches. Had a car pull up beside me reving and yelled out asking if I wanted make a run. Rolled the widow all the way down while in uniform......instant Kodak moment. Miss my 00' Camaro SS.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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    At least they slowed down for you, here they have just passed right on by. No one pays any attention to the trooper cars until they hit the lights. I guess people are just not looking for unmarked cars like they used to around here.



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